Why is the Canadian media ignoring evidence of 1948 massacres?

December 29, 2015
The better part of a decade ago, I described the Toronto Star’s Mitch Potter as “a canary in the mineshaft of liberal Canadian racism.” A piece on 1948 Palestine published in a recent edition of the Star* shows the canary very close to asphyxiating.

Signs of Regression: Canada's NDP and Palestine

Torture is Neither Inevitable nor Endless: A Reply to Gerald Caplan

August 20, 2014

by Dan Freeman-Maloy and Justin Podur

Imagine an anti-racist with decades of work in the struggle writing the following about the popular upheaval and police attacks witnessed this month in Ferguson, Missouri:

Gaza Interview on Ossington Circle

Some Basic Thoughts on Québec and Anti-Imperialist Strategy

March 31, 2014
The Harper government has dragged Canadian politics to a point where intelligent criticism is difficult. Things are almost too obviously bad.

Palestine in Canadian Politics (or, On Aerial Child-Killing in the "Region of Darkness")

December 11, 2013
• On Canada's brazen racists, its spineless liberals, and the question of Palestine. •

After the Canadian Jewish Congress

70 Years After Warsaw

April 11, 2013

An article discussing the Jewish uprising against the Nazis in Warsaw (April 1943-) and the imperial exploitation of anti-fascist politics since. This month marks 70 years since the rebellion. The full text is available here.

Canada and the Palestine Question: Imperial Politics and the Campus Left

A February 7, 2013 talk at Toronto's York University. If you can ignore the noise from the room next door (!), the talk gives a general historical overview of Canadian politics on Palestine.

Booklet on Israeli State Power, Ethnic Cleansing and Liberal Alibis

This collection brings together a few articles of mine from last year, including one from the Journal of Palestine Studies and one from Race & Class previously unavailable for copyright reasons. Rather than repeat the introduction here, I'll perhaps leave it at that. It's available in full here.