Hypocrisy and "this immense mess" (about site contents)

Others have put it better than I can hope to:

Maxime Rodinson, 1968:

     “An important part of the world Jewish population, the Israeli Jewish colony, thus finds itself committed to a dead-end course, driven to a policy of preventive aggression abroad and discriminatory legislation at home, the entire situation encouraging a racist and chauvinist mentality that impels society down the road of social regression.
     “This immense mess could not be limited to Palestine, nor even to the Arab world.” 

Eqbal Ahmad, 1984:

     “Israel obviously shares many similarities with South Africa and may in time come to resemble the apartheid state more than most liberal Zionists suspect. However, structurally and substantively the Zionist movement and state share significant similarities with the early form of colonial movements that transformed the Western Hemisphere into the ‘New World’ of the West. … It is a pioneering colonialism, one that seeks to exclude and eliminate the native inhabitants rather than to occupy and exploit them. Although produced by the process and power of imperialism, it is a form of colonialism that offers refuge to the disinherited, to persecuted minorities and to the surpluses, marginals and misfits created by industrialism and modernization in the metropolis. A colonialism committed to replacing the native people, it is racist and extremist by nature. Yet, a product of the Western metropolis, constituted mostly of the dispossessed, of dissidents and the persecuted, it is often liberal in ideology and humane in rhetoric.
     “Hypocrisy, the compliment paid by vice to virtue, is the hallmark of the exclusivist settler style.”

Noam Chomsky, 1983:

     “…critics of Israeli actions have frequently been accused of hypocrisy. While the reasons advanced are spurious, the charge itself has some merit. It is surely hypocritical to condemn Israel for establishing settlements in the occupied territories while we pay for establishing and expanding them. Or to condemn Israel for attacking civilian targets with cluster and phosphorus bombs ‘to get the maximum kill per hit,’ when we provide them gratis or at bargain rates, knowing that they will be used for just this purpose.”

I suppose one should be careful what to wish for. At a time when Americans like Pat Robertson and Israelis like Moshe Feiglin are clamouring to replace prevailing hypocrisy with unapologetic chauvinism -- while Canadian parrots such as Charles McVety and Frank Dimant likewise prepare, in Dimant's words, to "stand together until Messiah comes" -- the constraints imposed by powerful hypocrites may not be the worst thing we have going for us.

On the other hand, democracy-loving rhetoric does little to make air strikes less deadly, policies of violent dispossession and economic suffocation less devastating, or the need for nuclear disarmament less pressing.

This site is intended to make a modest contribution to the process of determining how we in the West might begin overcoming the hypocrisy running through our societies (and the policies it sustains), without giving way to those who are eager to replace it with worse.